Front Range Homebrew Circuit - V1.05

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What is FRC?
The Front Range Homebrew Circuit is designed to allow Colorado and Wyoming clubs and homebrewers to compete with each other by entering Front Range homebrew competitions and collecting medals at these competitions. The Front Range, for purposes of which competitions are included, shall be the corridor of cities from Pueblo, CO through Cheyenne, WY, within 20 miles east or west of I-25. Entrants must be residents of Colorado or Wyoming, and must be a member of a Colorado or Wyoming homebrew club.

The purpose of FRC is to promote friendly competition between Colorado and Wyoming homebrew clubs and individual homebrewers.

Each year the circuit will track points for all member competitions and individual brewers and award a FRC Homebrewer Of The Year and a FRC Homebrew Club Of The Year.

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Which homebrew clubs are eligible to participate?
All AHA sanctioned Colorado and Wyoming Homebrew Clubs are eligible to participate as entrants in FRC.

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Which homebrewers are eligible to participate?
To be eligible to participate in the FRC, you must be a Colorado or Wyoming resident AND a member of any AHA sanctioned homebrew club from Colorado or Wyoming.

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Which homebrew competitions are tracked by FRC?
Any competition which meets the following criteria will be considered an eligible competition for circuit points. Eligible Front Range Competitions
The following competitions are included in FRC 2024: Ineligible Competitions To update your Competition status, please email
Nelson from an official competition email address (e.g.,

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How are FRC points awarded?

Point Calculation Simple321 Award Points Schedule
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List of Competition representatives and Board members
TypeEntity nameRepresentative name
AdminIT ManagerNelson Crowle
Comp8 Seconds Of FrothFred Hirsch
CompBiere de Rock
CompBig Beers, Belgians, and BarleywinesNelson Crowle
CompColorado State Fair
CompFeast Of Saint Arnold HomebrewMike Scott
CompLiquid Poetry SlamDonald Schneider
CompOrpheus Meadfest Homebrew
CompPeak To Peak Pro/Am
CompPeterson AFB
CompReggale Dredhop
CompRocky Mountain Homebrew Challenge
CompSoup It Up
CompSweetheart's Revenge

To update the representative for a Club or Competition, please email
Nelson from an official club or competition email address (e.g., or Please include email and phone number (which are used only for internal FRC communications).

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Composition and Purpose of the FRC Board Common Rules
In addition to the rules outlined above, it is desirable that there be certain rules common to all FRC member competitions. Circuit Calendar Disciplinary Actions Questions currently being considered by the board
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